Supporting the Arts and Sciences at Columbia

Arts and Sciences has been an essential part of Columbia’s story since its very beginning. Our purpose – to educate students in fundamental knowledge and expand the boundaries of human understanding through research – has never been more vital or more central to the University.  As we look to the future, we will build on this remarkable legacy of scholarship and impact in three core areas:    

Morningside Renewal

Through improvements to campus infrastructure -- including the launch of the new Lavine Center in Uris Hall -- we will create the conditions for an even healthier, more vibrant student life at Columbia.

Robust, Sustainable Financial Aid

A Columbia education should be accessible to talented students regardless of their financial circumstances. We are committed to enhancing opportunities for first generation and low-income students; making financial aid sustainable; and creating even more opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to receive aid.

Advanced Leadership in Science Research and Education

Some of the greatest achievements in science originated at Columbia. Our ambition is to build on more than a century of discovery to achieve the next breakthroughs and educate a new generation of scientists. Significant investments in transformative science; investments in infrastructure; and building a diverse and inclusive pipeline of students and faculty are among our top priorities.

Your philanthropic support will help us achieve our ambitions, extending our impact on students and shaping the future of science. Visit Columbia’s online giving page to make a gift today, or contact Elisa Heikkila at [email protected] for more information.