A&S Faculty Senators in the University Senate

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Of the Senate’s 63 faculty seats, 17 are held by the Arts and Sciences¹. There are two categories of faculty seats: tenured and non-tenured (the non-tenured category is sometimes referred to as tenure-track and off-track).

Current Senate membership is available on the Senate website.

Every year, nominations are solicited for open seats. Faculty interested in running may contact Susan Young ([email protected]).

For faculty with multiple appointments, their primary appointment determines the constituency of which they are a member. No person may be a candidate in more than one constituency simultaneously, nor may a member of the Senate represent more than one constituency.

Constituencies in Arts and Sciences are defined as combinations of division and tenure status: Humanities tenured, Humanities non-tenured, Natural Sciences tenured, etc.

Seats will be filled in an electronic instant-runoff election:

  • Faculty will vote only within their own constituencies.
  • In instant-runoff voting, also known as ranked-choice or preferential voting, voters rank candidates listed on the ballot. Ballots are then tallied by first-choice picks.
  • If a candidate receives a majority of votes, they win the seat.
  • If no candidate receives a majority of votes, the following process is repeated until a candidate receives a majority of votes:
    • The candidate with the least votes is eliminated. Any voter who picked that candidate as their top choice will have their vote go to their next choice.
  • More information is available at Fairvote


¹Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences only. School of the Arts and School of Professional Studies conduct separate elections.