Columbia University

Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Welcome Message from the Interim Executive Vice President

Welcome to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Columbia University where excellence in the pursuit of fundamental knowledge and understanding makes our faculty the intellectual heart of one of the leading universities in the world. 
The Faculty of Arts and Sciences' scholarship spans the arts, humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences, with numerous interdisciplinary programs bridging these areas.
Columbia University’s educational vitality is based on the excellence of the five schools making up the Arts and Sciences, starting with the founding college of the university, Columbia College and including, The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The School of General Studies, The School of the Arts and The School of Professional Studies.  
Arts and Sciences is governed by an Executive Committee consisting of the Executive Vice President and Dean of the Faculty, the Dean of Columbia College (Henry L. and Lucy G. Moses Professor James Valentini), and the Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (Morris A. & Alma Schapiro Professor Carlos Alonso).
Arts and Sciences also includes a strong shared governance model lead by the Policy and Planning Committee (PPC), an elected faculty body representing the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.   
Embedded within our mission is a broad commitment to diversity and a perspective that spans the globe in both scholarship and scholars. 
It is my honor to lead, on an interim basis, this extraordinary group of faculty so devoted to our scholarly and educational missions. We also have wonderful teams of staff and administrators through-out Arts and Sciences that work hard to ensure the smooth functioning of our operations, and who are vital to all that we do. I extend my gratitude to all of them for their dedication to our goals.  
Maya Tolstoy
Interim Executive Vice President and Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences