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The OpEd Project at Columbia

The OpEd Project's mission is to increase the range of voices and quality of ideas we hear in the world.  A starting goal is to increase the number of women thought leaders in key commentary forums to a tipping point. The project envisions a world where the best ideas - regardless of where they come from - will have a chance to be heard, and to shape society and the world. It is with that goal in mind that the Columbia fellows below will be mentored and guided to complete various OpEd contributions in a host of media channels. 

Columbia Public Voices fellows will participate in workshops to learn how ideas spread, when and why minds change, how credibility is built, and how impact is created and measured. The program also introduces participants to high-level media insiders and connects them with journalist mentors for dedicated coaching throughout the year. The combination of seminars and mentorship is intended to provide fellows with the tools to communicate their scholarship and ideas in all areas of the public sphere—in print, on television and radio, via social media, and through other channels.

The work of fellows at other OpEd Project programs has been published in a wide range of media, including the New York Times, Washington Post, the Atlantic, Forbes, U.S. News and World Report, Al Jazeera, and USA Today. The fellows have appeared on CNN, CNBC, and NPR. 


Humanities Public Voices Fellows 2017

Marcus Folch

Associate Professor of Classics 

Elisabeth Ladenson

Professor of French and Comparative Literature

Debashree Mukherjee

Assistant Professor of Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies

OpEd: The murder of Gauri Lankesh is a shot fired at outspoken women

Anupama Rao

Associate Professor of History (Barnard) and Associate Director of the Institute for Comparative Literature and Society

Jennifer Wenzel

Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature and of Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies 

OpEd: Is Ryan Kelly’s iconic photograph an American ‘Guernica’?

Humanities Public Voices Fellows 2016


Zainab Bahrani

Edith Porada Professor of Ancient Near Eastern Art and Archaeology

Madeleine Dobie

Associate Professor of French

Eleanor Johnson

Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature

Ana Paulina Lee

Assistant Professor of Luso-Brazilian Studies

OpEd: Citizenship is Precarious during Wartime

Josef Sorett

Assistant Professor of Religion and African-American Studies

OpEd: Faith in a New Black Future

Social Science Public Voices Seminar Participants Spring 2015

Suresh Naidu

Assistant Professor of Economics

Interview: The Migration Edition

Humanities Public Voices Fellows 2015

Humanities Public Voices Fellows 2014