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Faculty of Arts and Sciences

The Faculty of Arts & Sciences welcomes over sixty new faculty members

The Faculty of Arts & Sciences welcomes over sixty new faculty members this year, in nearly thirty different departments.
The incredible range of academic expertise they bring and the originality and caliber of their work is an exciting indicator of things to come.  Each of these scholars reflects Columbia’s commitment to curating and cultivating a global community of researchers and teachers to continue the tradition of academic excellence, and we look forward to working with them in the coming year.  
We would like to extend our welcome to Arts & Sciences and to Columbia.
NamePosit Dpt NameEmail
Chazin, Hannah R.A&S
De Abreu, Maria JoseA&S
Ness, MelissaA&S Astronomy 
Kakkoufa, NikolasA&S
Bendesky, AndresA&S E3B 
Dale, LisaA&S
Eaton, Deren A.R.A&S
Kantarski, TraciA&S
Key, Kerry WilliamA&S Earth & Environ
McKinley, Galen A.A&S Earth & Environ
Austermann, JacquelineA&S Earth & Environ
Kim, Seong UkA&S East Asian Lang &
Phan, John D.A&S East Asian Lang &
Detwyler, natoly RA&S East Asian Lang &
Suh, JoowonA&S East Asian Lang &
Best, MichaelA&S Economics 
Cox, GregoryA&S Economics 
Gomez, MatthieuA&S Economics 
Khosroshahi, Hassan AfrouziA&S Economics 
Willis, JackA&S Economics 
Olley, GeorgeA&S
Vergote, WouterA&S Economics 
Salz, TobiasA&S Economics 
Halberstam, Judith MA&S English & Comparative
Robertson, LaurenA&S English & Comparative
Dodman, Thomas W.A&S French & Romance
Breger, ClaudiaA&S Germanic
Chauncey, George A.A&S
Farber, Hannah A.A&S
Sen, Ahmet TuncA&S History 
Parrott, Michael D.A&S Political
Bosteels, Bruno G.A&S
Makisumi, ShotaroA&S Mathematics 
Schrader, GusA&S Mathematics 
Warner, EvanA&S Mathematics 
Yu, HuiA&S Mathematics 
Zhu, YihangA&S Mathematics 
Hochberg, GilA&S
bin Tyeer, SarahA&S
Jagannathan, DhananjayA&S
Stojnic, UnaA&S Philosophy 
Levin, YuriA&S Physics 
Gaikwad, NikharA&S Political
Hikotani,T akakoA&S Political
Kriegeskorte, NikoA&S Psychology 
Aly, MariamA&S
Leeds, AdamA&S Slavic
Lee, Jee-Young (Jennifer)A&S
Abascal, Maria C.A&S
Milstein, DeniseA&S
Sharpe, TeresaA&S
Yuan, MingA&S
Rush, CynthiaA&S
Gregg, Ronald E.SOA Film
Singer, Blair GSOA Theatre
Galchen, Rivka R.SOA Writing
McCrae, Shane A.SOA Writing
Chan, Kitty Kay


Jacknis, NormSPS 
Wallen, AaronSPS 
Wang, YuboSPS Actuarial Faculty 
Weishaus, AbrahamSPS Actuarial Faculty 
Burgher, JoshuaSPS Applied
Kannan, RamanSPS Applied Analytics 
Segal, SimchaSPS Applied Analytics 
Bone, JamesSPS Risk Management 
Merceron, Alexandra M.SPS Exec Strategic Comm
Visconti, Kevin M.SPS Exec Strategic Comm
Langer, ArthurSPS Technology Management 
Davachi, LilaA&S Psychology