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About the Science Initiative

Many of the world’s greatest discoveries have been made in the nine natural sciences departments in the Arts and Sciences at Columbia University. Collectively, our faculty members have won numerous Nobel Prizes and are disproportionately represented in the National Academy of Sciences and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. In many cases Columbia’s science departments are among the top in their fields globally, and they have played essential roles in the advancement of science.

Building on this distinguished history, we have developed a plan to renew Columbia’s science leadership and achieve scientific preeminence over the next decade. This renewal will be accomplished through groundbreaking research that will expand knowledge and solve critical problems. At the same time, this plan will enhance research opportunities for our undergraduates that will instill critical thinking skills, foster the next generation of scientists, and better inform the public, whose understanding of scientific issues that impact society is essential to a robust democracy.

This plan will improve Columbia’s research competitiveness in an ever-more-difficult federal funding climate, increase diversity in our scientific community, enhance opportunities for technology transfer and commercial partnerships, and build synergistic relationships between science and other intellectual pursuits at Columbia. Given its preeminence in humanistic studies such as law, philosophy, and ethics, Columbia is an intellectually powerful community for holistically considering the ideas generated through scientific discovery.

Detailed information about the Science Initiative may be found on our Strategic Planning resource page.

Our nine natural sciences departments are:

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