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Humanities War & Peace Initiative


The Humanities War and Peace Initiative (HWPI) fosters the study of war and peace from the perspective of scholars in the Humanities, in conversation with colleagues from around Columbia and the world. 

Generously supported by President Bollinger, this initiative aims to encourage creative thinking about the critical topic of war, with an ultimate goal of perpetuating a more peaceful world. 



Humanities War & Peace Initiative Grants

2018-19 HWPI Grant Winners

The HWPI supports a broad range of activities, including individual scholarship, new scholarly collaborations, projects and events within existing interdisciplinary and collaborative structures, teaching, community outreach and programming, performance and exhibition, and ongoing dialogue in other forms.

2018-19 Graduate Student Research Grants

Each spring, the Division of Humanities in the Arts and Sciences awards summer research grants for graduate student projects under the Humanities War and Peace Initiative. 

Upcoming Calls for Proposals

There will be two calls for proposals in 2019-20: one in fall, and one in spring.  The fall proposal, with a deadline of November 1, 2019, is now open.  


Theater Of War

Theater of War will present readings of
Sophocles’ Ajax, translated and directed by Bryan Doerries,
to Columbia University Core students and the wider community on 
November 6 & 7, 2019.  

Individual tickets and reservations for classes and groups
will be available here this September.