Columbia University

Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Humanities War & Peace Initiative Grant Winners

Spring 2021

War, Justice, and Peace: Trials in Colombia
Sarah Day (Political Science)
Translation of What Nostalgia Was: War, Empire, and the Time of a Deadly Emotion
Thomas Dodman (French)
The Line Literary Review
Gabe Hudson (School of the Arts)
War and Peace in the Ancient World
John Ma (Classics)
Novel: The Evening Hero
Marie Myung-Ok Lee (School of the Arts)
Manuscripts on Battlefronts: Early Modern Ottomans and Their Emotions in the European Theatre of War
Tunç Şen (History)

Spring 2020

The Frontlines of Peace
Séverine Autesserre (PoliSci, Barnard)
The Plight of War Refugees Trapped in Greece
Helen Benedict (Journalism)
The Sound of Freedom
Nina Berman (Journalism)
War, State, Commune: An International conference
Joshua Clover (UC Davis)
Extremities at War: Brazil, Angola, and the U.S.
Maria Jose de Abreu (Anthropology)
Repatriation, Restitution, and Reparations - Accra
Eileen Gillooly (SoF/Heyman)
War, Peace, and International Law in the Later Middle Ages
Adam Kosto (History)
War and Peace in the Ancient World
John Ma (Classics)
The Sahel: War and Peace on the Edge
Gregory Mann (History)
Course Development: War and Peace in Greek Literature
Early Modern Women Philosophers: Lessons on War and Visions of Peace
Christia Mercer (Philosophy)
Literature of the Great War in the Middle East
Inflamed Publics: A Sensory Study of Social Media, Violence, and Resistance
Ying Qian (EALAC)
Regarding Vieques: Or How to See War and Peace When Neither is Visible
Romans Abroad: Associaions of Roman Citizens from the Second Century BCE to the Third Century CEt
Lakshmi Ramgopal (History)
Aldous Huxley and Pacifism

Fall 2019

The "War on Drugs" and the "Antimafia": The Crime-Criminalization Nexus in Mexico, Central America, and Sicily
Naor Ben-Yehoyada (Anthropology)
Claudio Lomnitz  (Anthropology)
Fernando Montero Castrillo (PhD candidate, Anthropology)
World Epics in Puppet Theater (Italy, Iran, India, Japan)
Jo Ann Cavallo (Italian)
Hacker Film Festival
Jenny Goldstick (School of the Arts)
Lance Weiler (School of the Arts)
The Continuous War: Cultures of Division in Korea
Ted Hughes (EALAC)
Earth Spiders: Violent Conquest, Ethnic Difference, and the Non-Human in Premodern Japan
David Lurie (EALAC)
Tianran Hang (PhD candidate, EALAC)
Suzan-Lori Parks visit
Joanna Stalnaker (French, Lit Hum)
Connect Africa at Columbia: War and Peace in African Literary Studies
Jennifer Wenzel (English, MESAAS)

Summer 2019

Cultures of War / Cultures of Opposition
Jordan Camp (American Studies, Barnard)
Christina Heatherton (American Studies, Barnard)
Manu Vimalassery (American Studies, Barnard)
After the Arab Spring: Conflict and culture in the Maghreb
Madeleine Dobie (French)
Imaging War, Imagining Peace: Photography, Performance, Witnessing
Marianne Hirsch (English)
War and Peace in the Ancient Classical World:  
Itineraries in Greece, the Northern Aegean and North-Western Turkey
John Ma (Classics)
Year of the Dog
Deborah Paredez (SoA Writing Program, English)

Spring 2019

From the Dirty War to the Clean War (and Back)
Bruno Bosteels (LAIC, ICLS)
The Humanities in the Wake of War?
Technologies of Power, Displaced Histories and Reconstruction
Manan Ahmed (History)
Hiba Bou Akar (GSAPP)
Kaoukab Chebaro (Columbia Libraries)
Marwa Elshakry (History)
Brinkley Messick (Anthropology & MESAAS)
Madiha Tahir (Journalism)
Adrien Zakar (Stanford Humanities Center) 
War and Peace in the Ancient Mediterranean and Near East
Marcus Folch (Classics)
Jesse James (Classics)
John Ma (Classics)
Ongoing Battle. Women on the Front Lines in Italian World War II Films
Elizabeth Leake (Italian)
The Spanish Civil War 
The Psychic Life of the Postwar
Camille Robcis (History & French)