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Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Humanities War & Peace Initiative Graduate Student Summer Research Grants

The Division of Humanities in the Arts and Sciences awards summer research grants for graduate student projects under the Humanities War and Peace Initiative. Funds have been generously provided by President Lee Bollinger.

Funds are awarded to exceptional research projects on the subject of war and/or peace which engage a humanistic perspective. The approach to this topic is broad and students from any department in the Arts and Sciences are welcome to apply. 

2020 Graduate Student Summer Research Grant Winners

Beyond the Market: A Chinese-Indonesian Media History of Foreign Capital

Minefield, Temple: National, Theological, and Military Powers and Site-Making in Israel
Zohar Elmakias (Anthro) 

The Politics of Devotion: Militant Catholicism and the Fight for the Spanish Empire in Cuba and Puerto Rico

The “Chinese Solution” to the Labor Question in Africa: Chinese Workers, African Railroads & the International Regulation of Labor Migration
Idriss Fofana (History) 

Multicultural Education in Occupied Palestinian Territories & Israeli Nation-States

Shadow Heroines of the Femme-Patrie: Algeria’s Opening Up onto the Third World, 1954-1974
Sophia Mo (French / ICLS) 
Through the storm of the “cultural Cold War”: Italo Calvino and the United States’ battle for “hearts and minds” in Italy after 1956
Michele Pajero (History)

The Third River: The Iraq-Mediterranean Oil Pipelines and Politics, 1928-1968
Natasha Pesaran (History) 

Syria: Technology, Revolution and Dignity / War Crimes in Syria: The Implications of a New Forensic Paradigm

Fiesta Immemorial: Settler and Native Political Economies in Southern California
Antonia Woodsum (History) 

Revolution on Air: Radio Technology and Chinese Socialism, 1950s–1980s
Yingchuan Yang (EALAC) 


2019 Graduate Student Summer Research Grant Winners

Bitter Harvest: Wheat and War in Mussolini's Mediterranean, 1917-1947
Robert Corban (History)
Becoming Natives: Place and the Politics of Presence in Western Sierra Leone
Nile Davies (Anthropology)
Sovereign Fictions: Self-Determination and the Literature of the Nigerian Civil War
Jessica Engebretson (English)
Guns, Boats, and Diplomacy: Late Qing China and the World’s Naval Technology, 1861-1911
Sau-yi Fong (EALAC)
Uncle Sam’s Slaves: Slavery in the United States Regular Army 1797-1865
Yoav Hamdani (History)
Cold War Crossings: Writing Between East and West in Germany and Poland
Xan Holt (German)
A Performance History of Farid
Manpreet Kaur (Religion)
Kingdom of a million bombs: Laos and UXO, 1975-1985
What Are You Afraid Of? Anxiety-production and Fear Politics in Zionist Discourse
Suad Hanine Shatou (MESAAS)
Reconstructing the American Union and Building the Democratic State in the United States and Britain, 1865-1885
Brooks Swett (History)
Documentary Form and the Spanish Civil War
Ameya Tripathi (English)