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Mellon Global Core Initiative

The Mellon Global Core Initiative is a curricular and educational program that seeks to transform and globalize the undergraduate curriculum. There are two major foci of the program: first, curricular development in the Core and across the humanities and humanistic social sciences; second, the development of a new model for study abroad by our undergraduates.

To that end, departments were encouraged to submit proposals to enhance their global standing through faculty recruitment and curricular innovation.

Launching a series of new Global Core courses extends the seminar style instruction that is the hallmark of other parts of the Core to courses that introduce students to foundational non-Western cultures and knowledge. Together, these efforts signal Columbia's continuing dedication to a cohesive Global Core that builds upon all the pedagogical and intellectual strengths of its more traditional Core. 

Awarded proposals by department: 

2013-2014 Academic Year:


East Asian Languages and Cultures

Art History



2014-2015 Academic Year:



English and Comparative Literature

Slavic Languages