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Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Guidelines & Responsibilities for Faculty

For the First Meeting

  • Once you learn who your mentee is, reach out to them within a week.  You should schedule the first in-person meeting, but going forward, expect and encourage your mentee to take the lead in initiating contact and scheduling.  Meetings with students may be one-on-one or as a group.
  • Be prepared to direct the conversation in the beginning: suggest topics, ask questions.
  • Establish goals and expectations from the outset:
    • Long-term goals?  Short-term goals?  What is a reasonable goal?
    • What is the focus of the relationship?
    • What is a successful outcome?
    • What are measurable milestones along the way?
  • Establish procedural plans:
    • What is the time commitment both of you can make?  How often will you meet, and for how long?  
    • How formal / informal will meetings be?
  • Be clear about your limitations (with time, effort, contact, etc) early on.  Clearly communicate your level of availability.
    • Are you available via email / phone / text?
    • What is the best way to reach you for a timely response?  


Guidelines & Responsibilities