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Bloomberg, October 13, 2016, Edmund Phelps (ECON): Edmund Phelps: Slowing Innovation Slowed Productivity

Christian Science Monitor, October 12, 2016, Alexander Hertel-Fernandez (POLI SCI): Facebook's voter registration push pays off big time

CBC News, October 7, 2016, Robert Shapiro (POLI SCI): Robert Shapiro Interviewed by CBC News about VP Debate

Brookings, October 7, 2016, Fredrick C. Harris (POLI SCI): Minority voting in the 2016 election

Sabado, October 7, 2016,  Jean L. Cohen (POLI SCI): Precisamos de populismo de esquerda

FFMS, October 7, 2016,  Jean L. Cohen (POLI SCI): Que Democracia?

NY Times, October 5, 2016, Michael Doyle (POLI SCI): Security Council Backs António Guterres to Be Next U.N. Secretary General

Washington Post, October 5, 2016, Carl Hart (Center on African American Politics and Society): Ivy League professor: ‘I would much rather my own children interact with drugs than with the police’

Columbia News, October 5, 2016,  Frances Negrón-Muntaner (CSER): Frances Negrón-Muntaner on Habla y Vota

Columbia News, October 5, 2016,  Sharyn O’Halloran (ECON): 5 Questions: Economist Sharyn O’Halloran on the Role of Money

Columbia News, October 5, 2016, Ester Fuchs (POLI SCI): Who's on the Ballot: Prof. Ester Fuchs Helps Create an Informed Electorate

Columbia News, October 5, 2016, Gregory Wawro (POLI SCI): 5 Questions: Political Scientist Gregory Wawro on Electoral Politics

Columbia News, October 5, 2016, Fredrick Harris (POLI SCI): 5 Questions: Fredrick Harris on Race in the U.S.

Columbia News, October 5, 2016, Donald Green (POLI SCI): Faculty Q&A: Prof. Donald Green on the Importance of Getting out the Vote

Columbia News, October 5, 2016, Rodolfo de la Garza (POLI SCI): 5 Questions: Rodolfo de la Garza on the Latino Vote

NY Times, October 4, 2016, Rothschild Research Center: Objects From New York’s Buried Past Find a New Home in Midtown

Institute on Medicine as a Profession, October 3, 2016, David Rothman (HIST): David Rothman speaks to BBC World Service about Attica Prison riots

Open Democracy, October 3, 2016, Pablo Piccato (HIST): Trump’s macho populism

Slate, October 3, 2016, Andrew Gelman (POLI SCI): Why Does the Replication Crisis Seem Worse in Psychology?

Columbia Spectator, October 2, 2016, Jennifer Hirsch (ANTHRO): White Jews, It’s Teshuvah Time

Scientific American, October 1, 2016, Carl Hart (Center on African American Politics and Society): The DEA’s Decision to Keep Pot Restrictions Perpetuates Hypocrisy

Cultures of Energy podcast, September 29, 2016, Vanessa Agard-Jones (ANTHRO): The Chemical Turn

Medium, September 26, 2016,  Nara Milanich (HIST): Blood Will Sell

Washington Post, September 26, 2016, Nara Milanich (HIST): These are the people Donald Trump wants to keep out of the United States

PBS Newshour , September 25, 2016, Carla Shedd (SOCIO): Questions remain after Charlotte police release videos of shooting

Time, September 24, 2016, Frederick C. Harris (POLI SCI): The Black Vote: History Demands a Strategy for Change

Huffington Post, September 23, 2016, David Phillips (Institute for the Study of Human Rights): How Syria’s Civil War Ends

Congressional Briefings , September 21, 2016, Carla Shedd (SOCIO): Senate and House Congressional Briefings on Examining the Role of Police in Schools

Marginalia, September 20, 2016,  Josef Sorett (IRAAS): First Impressions #91: Josef Sorett on A Religious History of Racial Aesthetics

Chronicle of Higher Education, September 18, 2016, Suresh Naidu (ECON): Graduate-Student Unions Mean Good News for Professors, Too

East Asia Forum, September 18, 2016, Gerald Curtis (POLI SCI): Weak opposition is a cancer in Japan’s political system

Columbia Spectator, September 16, 2016, William Harris (HIST): Columbia professor chronicles 1,000 years of Roman Empire

WBUR Here & Now, September 14, 2016,  Andrew Nathan (POLI SCI): 5 Years Into His Regime, Who Is Kim Jong Un?

The Nation, September 13, 2016, Stephanie McCurry (HIST): Senate and House Who Freed the Slaves?

New Yorker , September 13, 2016, Bernard Harcourt (POLI SCI): The Long Defense of the Alabama Death-Row Prisoner Doyle Lee Hamm

Bibliobs, September 11, 2016,  Alondra Nelson (SOCIO): ADN : les Noirs américains à la recherche de leurs gènes africains

The Economist, September 10, 2016, Suresh Naidu (ECON): Open doors but different laws

The Economist, September 10, 2016, Suresh Naidu (ECON): Open doors but different laws

Pacific Standard Magazine, September 9, 2016, Frances Negron-Muntaner (CSER): Why Do Americans Find Cuba Sexy — but Not Puerto Rico?

Vox, September 9, 2016,  Andrew Gelman (POLI SCI): Why you should be skeptical of wacky new studies about what sways elections

Wall Street Journal , September 8, 2016, Edmund Phelps (ECON): Hard Truths About Easy Money

BBC, September 6, 2016, David Phillips (Institute for the Study of Human Rights): Will A Syrian 'Safe Zone' Work?

Voice of America, September 4, 2016,  Richard Bulliet (HIST): Most Victims of Terrorist Attacks Are Muslim

Financial Times , September 2, 2016, Alexander Cooley (Harriman Institute): For Karimov the personal was always political

AAIHS, September 1, 2016,  Josef Sorett (IRAAS): Spirit In The Dark: A New Book On The Religious History Of Racial Aesthetics

AAIHS, September 1, 2016,  Josef Sorett (IRAAS): Spirit In The Dark: A New Book On The Religious History Of Racial Aesthetics

SSRC Blogs, Fall, 2016,  Josef Sorett (IRAAS): #BlackLivesMatter and the heterodox history of Afro-Protestantism

UNESCO World Social Science Report, Fall, 2016, Fredrick C. Harris (POLI SCI): Frederick C. Harris wrote and essay about racial inequality in UNESCO's World Social Science Report

AM New York, Fall, 2016, Gregory Wawro (POLI SCI): Gregory Wawro Interviewed about Swing States and Election

Public Culture, Fall, 2016,  Saskia Sassen (SOCIO): Saskia Sassen: Interviewed by Shamus Khan

Salon, August 30, 2016, Todd Gitlin (SOCIO): Media’s big mistake: When we focus too much on Trump’s depravities, we ignore bigger issues

Columbia News, August 29, 2016,  Van Tran (SOCIO): Sociologist Van Tran Brings the Immigrant Experience to the Classroom

Bloomberg, August 25, 2016,  Jagdish Bhagwati (ECON): Columbia's Bhagwati: Why the TPP Probably Won't Succeed

The New York Review of Books, August 18, 2016,  Andrew Nathan (POLI SCI): Who Is Kim Jong-un?

Vox, August 16, 2016,  Andrew Gelman (POLI SCI): How schools that obsess about standardized tests ruin them as measures of success

WNYC's The Takeaway, August 9, 2016, Carol Gluck (SOCIO): Emperor Akihito's Mark on Modern Japan

The Conversation, August 6, 2016,  Saskia Sassen (SOCIO): Investment in urban land is on the rise – we need to know who owns our cities

Financial Times, August 5, 2016,  Mark Mazower (HIST): The value of Karl Marx’s 19th century thinking in today’s world

Habla y Vota, August 3, 2016, Frances Negron-Muntaner (CSER): Por primera vez Latinos means not only a big number but power

Global Thermostat, August 1, 2016,  Graciela Chichilnisky (ECON): “Climate Change and the Global Economy” – Interview with Graciela Chichilnisky

Financial Times, July 31, 2016,  Mark Mazower (HIST): Europe has to defend what it has achieved so far

BackStory Radio, July 29, 2016, Stephanie McCurry (HIST): You've Come a Long Way? A history of Women in Politics

Financial Times, July 24, 2016,  Saskia Sassen (SOCIO): How London can safeguard its Global City Status Post-Brexit

Huffington Post, July 21, 2016, David Phillips (Institute for the Study of Human Rights): Erdogan’s “Inner Stalin”

Vox, July 16, 2016,  Richard Bulliet (HIST): Turkey has had several military coups in its modern history. A historian explains why.

Buzzfeed News, July 14, 2016,  Alondra Nelson (SOCIO): No One Should Edit The Genes Of Embryos To Make Babies, NIH Chief Says

Jacobin Magazine, July 13, 2016, Barbara Fields (HIST): Did the Color of His Skin Kill Philando Castile?

The Scientist, July 12, 2016,  Alondra Nelson (SOCIO): >Considering Gene Editing

NY Daily News, July 10, 2016, Todd Gitlin (SOCIO): The 1960s all over again? History isn’t quite repeating, but our tumultuous time does rhyme with that one in some strange ways

New Yorker, July 5, 2016, Shamus Khan (SOCIO): When Does Equality Flourish?

NY Daily News, July 3, 2016, David Phillips (Institute for the Study of Human Rights): Elie Wiesel's legacy remains a passionate peace, human rights advocate among defenseless victims

NY Times, July 1, 2016,  Christopher Brown (HIST): In America’s Long History of Slavery, New England Shares the Guilt

Washington Post, July 1, 2016,  Turkuler Isiksel (POLI SCI): The British people have spoken. But what exactly did they say?

Columbia Magazine, Summer, 2016,  David Rosner (HIST): The Big Idea: Don't Drink the Water

Chauncey deVega, June 30, 2016,  Alondra Nelson (SOCIO): A Conversation with Sociologist Alondra Nelson About Race, DNA, and Tracing One's Own Personal "Roots"

Live Mint, June 29, 2016,  Saskia Sassen (SOCIO): Redefining notions of urban intelligence

Huffington Post, June 29, 2016, David Phillips (Institute for the Study of Human Rights): Time For Turkey To Adopt A New Security Strategy

Wall Street Journal, June 26, 2016, Gerald Curtis (POLI SCI): Japan’s Election Offers Little Choice

Wall Street Journal, June 24, 2016,  Adam Tooze (HIST): The Road to Britain’s Retreat

NPR, June 24, 2016,  Simon Schama (HIST): Historian Simon Schama Describes Brexit Vote As 'Turning Point' For Britain

Columbia News, June 24, 2016,  Jan Svejnar (ECON): 5 Questions with Economist Jan Svejnar on Brexit

Tablet, June 23, 2016, Todd Gitlin (SOCIO): Against Abnormalization: BDS Targets a Major Lebanese-Born Writer

The Hindu, June 14, 2016,  Akeel Bilgrami (South Asia Institute): Nehru’s secularism was non-European: Bilgrami

The Atlantic, June 9, 2016, Jonathan Cole (SOCIO): The Chilling Effect of Fear at America's Colleges

Washington Post, June 8, 2016, Robert Erikson (POLI SCI): How to read the election polls — and keep your sanity — in two easy steps

NY Times, June 6, 2016, Natasha Lightfoot (HIST): History Can and Should Help Us Understand the Present

Fujisankei New York Television, June 1, 2016, Carol Gluck (SOCIO): President Obama's Hiroshima visit & how New Yorkers saw it

Huffington Post, May 31, 2016, David Phillips (Institute for the Study of Human Rights): Liberating Fallujah — Losing Iraq

Columbia News, May 29 2016, Alondra Nelson (SOCIO): How Roots Inspired Social Science Dean

MSNBC, May 29 2016, Alondra Nelson (SOCIO): New mini-series 'Roots' to debut 40 years after original

New York Times, May 28, 2016, Carl Hart (Center on African American Politics and Society): Mandatory Opioid Training for Doctors Isn’t Necessary

PRI, May 25, 2016, Carol Gluck (SOCIO): Japanese and Americans remember the closing chapter of World War II so very differently

Wisconsin Public Radio, May 25, 2016, Carol Gluck (HIST): Historian: Even Without Apology, Obama Visit To Hiroshima Is Historic, Important

The Guardian, May 23, 2016, Fritz Stern (HIST): Fritz Stern obituary

Foreign Affairs, May 23 2016, Timothy Frye (POLI SCI): Why IR Theory Gets Russia Wrong

WNYC's On the Media, May 20, 2016, Carol Gluck (HIST): Visiting Hiroshima Without Revisiting History

Washington Post, May 20, 2016, Fritz Stern (HIST): Fritz Stern, refugee and leading historian of Germany, dies at 90

WNYC's On the Media, May 20, 2016, Tarik Amar (HIST): The Radical Historian Rewriting Ukraine's Past

Financial Times, May 20, 2016, Mark Mazower (HIST): East West Street: On the Origins of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity by Philippe Sands

US Sport History, May 19 2016, Frank Guridy (HIST): The Los Angeles Sports Arena: A Modest Memorial

Project Syndicate, May 19, 2016, Edmund Phelps (Center for Capitalism and Society): Supply Side, Demand Side, or Innovation Side?

New York Times, May 18, 2016, Fritz Stern (HIST): Fritz Stern, a Leading Historian on Modern Germany, Dies at 90

NPR, May 13, 2016, Chris Blattman (POLI SCI): National Contest Spurs Economic Growth In Nigeria

Boston Globe, May 13, 2016, Jeffrey Sachs (ECON): The age of impunity

Back Story Radio, May 13, 2016, Carol Gluck (HIST): Watch the Throne, America and Royalty

NPR Planet Money, May 13, 2016, Chris Blattman (POLI SCI): National Contest Spurs Economic Growth In Nigeria

World Politics Review, May 12, 2016, Charles K. Armstrong (HIST): North Korea Party Congress Shows Kim’s Power—and Subtle Outreach to U.S.

Financial Times, May 11, 2016, Mark Mazower (HIST): Berlin Should be Careful What it Wishes for

Washington Post, May 11, 2016, Stephanie Schwartz (POLI SCI PhD): Why Kenya’s threat to close its refugee camps is even worse than you think

Slate, May 11, 2016, Carol Gluck (HIST): How Japan and the U.S. Remember World War II

NPR's Marketplace, May 11, 2016, David Stark (SOCIO): How creative conflict makes the workplace better

BBC World Service, May 10 2016, Richard Bulliet (HIST): Wheel Revolutions

White House Talk, May 9, 2016, Alondra Nelson (SOCIO): ROOTS at the White House

NewsOne Now, May 9, 2016, Alondra Nelson (SOCIO): Alondra Nelson Discussed New Book on NewsOne Now

Schomburg Center, May 9, 2016, Carla Shedd (SOCIO): Conversations in Black Freedom Studies: Educational Injustice and Organizing

Dissent, May 5, 2016, Mae Ngai (HIST): Justice Deferred

New York Times, May 4, 2016, Saskia Sassen (SOCIO): How Jane Jacobs changed the way we look at cities

The Guardian, May 4, 2016, Saskia Sassen (SOCIO): How Jane Jacobs changed the way we look at cities

Popular Science, May 3, 2016, Alondra Nelson (SOCIO): Is DIY Kitchen Crispr A Class Issue?

Afropop, May 2016, Gregory Mann (HIST): Gregory Mann: On Malian History and Politics

New York Times, April 29, 2016, Eric Foner (HIST): Nicholas Guyatt’s ‘Bind Us Apart’

Financial Times, April 29, 2016, Mark Mazower (HIST): Trump, Le Pen and the enduring appeal of nationalism

The Atlantic, April 28, 2016, Joseph Stiglitz (ECON): A Conversation With Joseph Stiglitz

Harvard Business Review, April 27, 2016, Eric Verhoogen (ECON): How Labor Standards Can Be Good for Growth

Dissent, April 26, 2016, Pablo Piccato (HIST): Not Just Trump: A Brief History of U.S. Hostility Toward Latin America

Washington Post, April 24, 2016,  Andrew Gelman (POLI SCI): Why is Africa so poor while Europe and North America are so wealthy?

Chicago Tribune, April 24, 2016,  Andrew Gelman (POLI SCI): Opinion: Why is Africa so poor while Europe and North America are so wealthy?

NPR, April 22, 2016, Claudio Lomnitz (ANTHR): Claudio Lomnitz on the History of Racial Identity in Mexico

Fox News Latino, April 22, 2016,  Frances Negrón-Muntaner (Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Race): Opinion: With media mergers, Latino roles drop and stereotypes skyrocket on TV

New York Foreign Press Center, April 20, 2016, Sharyn O'Halloran (POLI SCI): The Economy, Trade and the 2016 U.S. Election

The Hill, April 19, 2016,  Frances Negrón-Muntaner (Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Race): New voice for Latinos in Media

Foreign Policy, April 19, 2016, Page Fortna (POLI SCI): How to Get Tenure (If You’re a Woman)

The Laura Flanders Show, April 19, 2016, Eric Foner (HIST): Historian Eric Foner on the Elections, Reconstruction, and Racism Today

Wall Street Journal, April 18, 2016, Stephen Sestanovich (Harriman Institute): An Earful for Vladimir Putin in Latest ‘Direct Line’ Call-In Show

PBS The Open Mind, April 18, 2016, David Rosner (HIST): Poisoning America

CBC News, April 18, 2016, Ester Fuchs (POLI SCI): New York Primary Candidates duel over Big Apple bona fides

MSN News, April 18 , 2016, Ester Fuchs (POLI SCI): Who's the most New York Candidate in the State Primary

New York Times, April 18, 2016, Alissa J. Rubin (POLI SCI): New York Times reporter Alissa J. Rubin wins Pulitzer for stories about Afghan women

Folha de Sao Paulo, April 16, 2016, John Coatsworth (HIST): País não é República das Bananas, diz reitor da Universidade Columbia

The Laura Flanders Show, April 16, 2016, John Coatsworth (HIST): País não é República das Bananas, diz reitor da Universidade Columbia

Wall Street Journal, April 15, 2016, Ester Fuchs (POLI SCI): Presidential Candidates Court New York Jews

New York Times, April 15, 2016, Eric Foner (HIST): Eric Foner shot by Bill Cunningham at NY Historical Society

USA Today, April 13, 2016, Frances Negrón-Muntaner (Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Race): Q&A: Filmmaker Frances Negrón-Muntaner talks diversity in the media

Reuters, April 12, 2016,  Laura Ciolkowski (Center for Justice): Homer, Virgil hauled to New York prison for Ivy League class

Schomburg's "Conversations in Black Freedom Studies series," April 9, 2016, Carla Shedd (SOCIO): Conversations in Black Freedom Studies: Educational Injustice and Organizing

The Economist, April 9, 2016, Suresh Naidu (ECON): Wages of chagrin

The New York Review of Books, April 7, 2016, Martha Howell (HIST): The Amazing Career of a Pioneer Capitalist

Wall Street Journal, April 5, 2016, Stephen Sestanovich (Harriman Institute): Donald Trump vs. Barack Obama on Nuclear Weapons in East Asia

Columbia News, April 2016, Donald Davis (ECON): Faculty Q&A: Donald Davis on the Economics of New York City

Columbia News, April 2016, Samuel Roberts (HIST): City as a Classroom: Researching the Realities of Criminal Justice

C-Span, March 24, 2016, Alondra Nelson (SOCIO): Book Discussion on The Social Life of DNA

Wall Street Journal, March 23, 2016, Stephen Sestanovich (Harriman Institute): Comparing Obama’s Speech in Havana With Reagan’s in Moscow

The Hill, March 23, 2016, Rachel Adams (ENG): Airline industry’s miserable record with disabled travelers

Wired, March 23, 2016, Andrew Gelman (POLI SCI): Science Needs to Learn How to Fail So It Can Succeed

The New Yorker, March 23, 2016, Nate Derns (SOCIO): I Like All Types of Music, and My Sense of Humor Is So Random

Huffington Post, March 23, 2016, Joshua Simon (POLI SCI): Here’s why Obama honored Cuban hero José Martí in Havana

Foreign Policy, March 23, 2016, Andrew Nathan (POLI SCI): Xi Jinping’s Ill-Advised Quest for Blind Obedience

Huffington Post, March 18, 2016, Todd Gitlin (SOCIO): No one will be able to stop the political violence Donald Trump is unleashing

The Star Phoenix, March 18, 2016, Audra Simpson (ANTHRO): Reconciliation needs be more than permission to maintain status quo, prof says

WNYC News, March 18, 2016, David Rosner (HIST): As Public Advocate, de Blasio Flagged Lead Problems in Public Housing

Charlottesville Podcasting Network, March 17, 2016, Farah Griffin (SOCI): Virginia Festival of the Book 2016: Toward an Intellectual History of Black Women

Al Jazeera America News, March 17, 2016, Rachel Adams (ENG) : Revisiting Arthur Miller

The Hill, March 17, 2016, Ester Fuchs (POLI SCI): Stranded in a Food Desert

Fusion, March 16, 2016,  Frances Negrón-Muntaner (Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Race): ‘East Los High’ and the truth about Latinos and TV

Columbia News, March 15, 2016, Jeffrey Lax (POLI SCI): 5 Questions on Filling the Supreme Court Vacancy

The Washington Post, March 14, 2016, Johannes Urpelainen (POLI SCI) : The Paris climate agreement calls for big investments in renewable energy. Here’s why governments love it.

Pacifica Radio's Jordan Journal, March 11, 2016, Frances Negrón-Muntaner (Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Race): Frances Negrón- Muntaner Discussed Latino Disconect on Pacifica Radio's Jordan Journal

South China Morning Post, March 10, 2016, Charles K. Armstrong (HIST): More sanctions won’t end the Korean nuclear crisis, but engaging Pyongyang in talks might

Los Angeles Times, March 9, 2016, Robert Paxton (HIST): Patt Morrison asks: Robert O. Paxton talks fascism and Donald Trump

Taylor & Francis Online, March 9, 2016, Herbert Gans (SOCIO): Reducing Economic Inequality: A Bottom-Up Approach

Huffington Post, March 9, 2016, Frances Negrón-Muntaner (Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Race): An Interview with Frances Negrón-Muntaner on the New Study, The Latino Disconnect: Latinos in the Age of Media Mergers

NPR Fresh Air, March 3, 2016, David Rosner (HIST) : America's 'Lead Wars' Go Beyond Flint, Mich.: 'It's Now Really Everywhere'

Bwog Student News, March 3, 2016, Partha Chatterjee (ANTHR) : Is That Sand Or Tears In Our Eyes: Bwog Reviews ‘Chokher Bali’

The Take Away with John Hockenberry, March 2, 2016, Alice Kessler-Harris (HIST): Abortion Returns to the Supreme Court

El Nuevo Herald, March 2, 2016, Frances Negrón-Muntaner (Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Race): Los latinos, una minoría desfavorecida en los medios

Vice, March 1, 2016, Center for Justice: Friday Night Hip-Hop on Rikers Island

Faculty of Arts and Sciences Columbia, Spring 2016, Peter Bearman (SOCIO): ADD Health: Sociologist Peter Bearman on his Landmark Adolescent Health Study

Columbia Magazine, Spring, 2016, Carla Shedd (SOCIO) and Marcellus Blount (IRAAS): "The Wire" Goes Ivy

Aeon, Spring 2016, Alondra Nelson (SOCIO): Alondra Nelson on the need for a new Bioethics

World Economic Forum, Spring, 2016, Natasha Lightfoot (HIST) : Natasha Lightfoot's New Book Featured In Columbia Ink

The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond's Econ Focus, Third Quarter 2015, Emi Nakamura (ECON): INTERVIEW: Emi Nakamura

The Washington Post, February 27, 2016, Pablo Piccato (HIST): Donald Trump may be showing us the future of right-wing politics

Sueddeutsche Zeitung, February 27, 2016, Frances Negrón-Muntaner (Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Race): Oscars: Diversitäts-Krise, die Zweite

WNYC's Micropolis , February 26, 2016, Frances Negrón-Muntaner (Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Race): Frances Negrón- Muntaner Discussed Latino Disconect on WNYC's Micropolis

Le Point, February 27, 2016, Robert Paxton (HIST): Robert Paxton - Donald et Miss America

The Nation, February 26, 2016, Alondra Nelson (SOCIO): Art and the Burdens of History

Wall Street Journal, February 25, 2016, Stephen Sestanovich (Harriman Institute): The Pentagon, the CIA, and the Saudis vs. Vladimir Putin

Huffington Post, February 23, 2016, David L. Phillips ( Institute for the Study of Human Rights): Accountability for War Crimes in Turkey

The Hankyoreh, February 22, 2016, Charles K. Armstrong (HIST): Seoul’s hardline response “plays right into North Korea’s hands”

Huffington Post, February 22, 2016, Josef Sorett (IRAAS): Faith in a New Black Future

Washington Post, February 19, 2016, Rachel Adams (ENG): My son with Down syndrome is not a mascot for abortion restrictions

Columbia Spectator, Febraury 19, 2016, Center for Justice: Columbia Center for Justice partners with local gallery for exhibit on mass incarceration

The Record, February 18, 2016, Adam Tooze (HIST) : 5 Questions: History Professor Adam Tooze on Europe's Challenges From Migration to Debt

New America Weekly, February 18, 2016, Tarik Cyril Amar (HIST): A More Secure Ukraine

Michelangelo Signorile Show, February 18, 2016, Alondra Nelson (SOCIO): Alondra Nelson Interviewed on the Michelangelo Signorile show

Work in Progress, February 17, 2016, Herbert J Gans (SOCI): The national economy as an imaginary

Radio Curious, February 16, 2016, Alondra Nelson (SOCIO): Dr. Alondra Nelson – Healthcare & The Black Panther Party

Salon, February 16, 2016, Andrew Gelman and Robert Shapiro (POLI SCI): Can we trust polls?: Experts discuss poll credibility during election year

NY1 , February 15, 2016, Alondra Nelson (SOCIO): NY1 Online: Columbia Professor Talks DNA's Impact on Social Issues

New York Times, February 13, 2016, Todd Gitlin (SOCI): Kissinger Was a Courtier to Atrocity

Tablet Magazine, February 12, 2016, Todd Gitlin (SOCI): The Green Line on the Label

Huffington Post, February 10, 2016, Rachel Adams (ENG): Building Disability Literacy, One Brick At a Time

Bill Moyers, February 10, 2016, David Rosner (HIST): America’s Coast-to-Coast Toxic Crisis

The Root, February 9, 2016, Premilla Nadasen (HIST): When States Run Welfare, Black Children Are the Ones Who Get Hurt

The Huffington Post, February 9, 2016, David Rosner (HIST): Two, Three... Many Flints

US National Archives, February 9, 2016, Alondra Nelson (SOCI): The Social Life of DNA: Race, Reparations, and Reconciliation After the Genome

Columbia Spectator, February 8, 2016, Mark Mazower (HIST): University Senate approves proposal to create Paris-based research, collaboration institute

CNN, February 7, 2016, Charles Armstrong (HIST): Armstrong: Sanctions alone won't deter North Korea

Journal of Turkish Weekly, February 5, 2016, Saskia Sassen (SOCI): Sassen: “We have entered a new era that the language of inequality cannot capture”

The Guardian, February 3, 2016, Alondra Nelson (SOCI): How DNA and 'recreational genealogy' is making a case for reparations for slavery

Huffington Post, Febraury 2, 2016, David Phillips (Institute for the Study of Human Rights): Preventing Ex-Combatants From Spoiling Colombia's Peace

Columbia Center for the Study of Social Difference, Febraury 2, 2016, Premilla Nadasen (HIST): Premilla Nadasen's "Household Workers Unite" Draws Positive Reviews

Nexos, February 1, 2016, Pablo Piccato (HIST): Trump, fascismo y populismo

MarketPlace, February 1, 2016, David Rosner (HIST): Lead may be the biggest childhood epidemic in the U.S.

Wall Street Journal, January 31, 2016, Stephen Sestanovich (Harriman Institute) : Falling Oil Prices, the Saudis, and the Soviets

WUNC, January 28, 2016, Alondra Nelson (SOCI): 'The Social Life of DNA'

The Leonard Lopate Show, January 27, 2015, Jonathan Cole (SOCI): What Does the Future Hold for American Universities?

Public Books, January 27, 2016, Anupama Rao (HIST): To Be “A Glorious Thing Made Up Of Star Dust”: A Suicide Note From The University Of Hyderabad

THINK, January 26, 2016, Alondra Nelson (SOCI): What Our DNA Says About Us

The Beacon Broadside, January 26, 2016, Alondra Nelson (SOCI): Reconciling the Double Helix

Pacific Standard, January 25, 2016, Alondra Nelson (SOCI): Shelf Help: 'The Social Life of DNA: Race, Reparations, and Reconciliation After the Genome'

The Brian Lehrer Show, January 25, 2016, Alondra Nelson (SOCI): DNA Science and Race Relations

NPR, January 24, 2016, Alondra Nelson (SOCI): More African-Americans Are Learning Their Roots With Genetic Testing

The Washington Post, January 23, 2016, Robert Shapiro (POLI SCI): Is it crazy for Michael Bloomberg to run for president? Maybe not.

Financial Times, January 22, 2016, Mark Mazower (HIST): Lessons from the Past are Key to Europe's survival

CBC Radio, January 22, 2016, David Rosner (HIST): Flint's water crisis reflects history linking lead levels to race and poverty

The Christian Science Monitor, January 22, 2016, Séverine Autesserre (POLI SCI): For Lasting Peace, Exceptions Must Become Rule: Q&A with Séverine Autesserre

KPCC Take Two, January 22, 2016, Frances Negrón-Muntaner (ENG): Want more diverse TV? Focus on media mergers

The Root , January 21, 2016, Frances Negrón-Muntaner (Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Race): Latinos Are the Largest Nonwhite Group but Will Be Underrepresented Among Voters in 2016

Nature, January 20, 2016, Alondra Nelson (SOCI): Genomics: DNA and diasporas

South China Morning Post, January 20, 2016, Charles Armstrong (HIST): Why the world should be thanking China, not rebuking it, for its role on North Korea

New York Times Sunday Book Review, January 20, 2016, Ira Katznelson (POLI SCI): ‘The Triumph of William McKinley,’ by Karl Rove

The Baltimore Sun, January 20, 2016, Alondra Nelson (SOCI): Roughly Speaking: How genetic testing might influence race relations (episode 38)

Media Matters for America, January 19, 2015, Frances Negrón-Muntaner (ENG): New Study: Executives Break Promises To Improve Diversity Following Media Mergers

NPR, January 19, 2016, Eric Foner (HIST): NPR Interview. 'Gateway To Freedom': Heroes, Danger And Loss On The Underground Railroad

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