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The addition of Uris Hall to the Arts and Sciences in 2023 presents a unique opportunity to re- imagine how the Arts and Sciences does research, scholarship, and teaching in the new millennium. Building on the work of the prior Uris Committee, the new committee will develop an academic vision for the Arts and Sciences’ use of Uris Hall as a prelude to the future revitalization of the entire Morningside Campus. Specifically, the Committee is charged with exploring how the building may be reconfigured to provide shared infrastructure to support twenty-first century research, teaching, collaboration, and the dissemination of knowledge. Issues that might be considered include: supports for interdisciplinary work, including the possibility of space for working groups focused on shared themes; attention to state-of-the art classrooms and library services and spaces that serve the emerging needs of faculty and students and propel digital learning, collaboration, and innovation; social spaces that foster community; conference facilities open to all Arts and Sciences units; the bringing together of academic units that reflect the intellectual interests of many partners and constituencies. The building will alleviate some existing space needs, but it must do more. It must be designed and populated in a way that helps to realize the best future of the Arts and Sciences. 


Members of the Committee


Committee Co-Chairs

Howard, Jean

Professor of English and Comparative Literature

Tolstoy, Maya

Executive Vice President for Arts and Sciences, Dean of the Faculty (Interim), Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences


Committee Members (in alphabetical order):


Cole, Michael

Professor of Art History and Archaeology

Griffin, Farah

Professor of English and Comparative Literature and African-American Studies

Washburne, Christopher

Associate Professor of Music


Social Sciences

Bearman, Peter

Professor of Sociology

Huber, John

Professor of Political Science

Smith, Pamela

Professor of History


Natural Sciences

Gonzalez, Ruben

Professor of Chemistry

Hobert, Oliver

Professor of Biological Sciences and Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics

Zheng, Tian

Professor of Statistics



Rockenbach, Barbara

Associate University Librarian for Research and Learning


Ex Officio

Alonso, Carlos

Vice President for Graduate Education, Dean of GSAS, Professor of Latin American and Iberian Cultures

Becker, Carol

Dean of The School of Arts, Professor of the Arts

Rosen-Metsch, Lisa

Dean School of General Studies, Professor of Sociomedical Sciences

Valentini, James

Vice President for Undergraduate Education, Dean of Columbia College, Professor of Chemistry

Villalobos, EugeneExecutive Director, Space Planning,

Wingard, Jason

Dean of the School of Professional Studies, Professor of Professional Studies



Ford, Mike

Student Representative, GSAS

Johnson, Aja

Student Representative, Columbia College
Veitch, William Student Representative, School of General








Keen, Carolyn S. Special Assistant to the Executive Vice President, Arts &

Razaghian, Rose

Dean of Academic Planning and Governance





A&S Uris Space Committee


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