Columbia University

Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Junior Faculty Advisory Board

The Junior Faculty Advisory Board is a advising committee that serves as a structure to support the junior faculty in myriad ways: 

The JFAB’s three main charges are:

(i) To create a standing forum in which probationary tenure-stream faculty in A&S can share and discuss their welfare and experiences and to which junior faculty may turn for peer advising and assistance.

(ii) To report junior faculty concerns, and represent junior faculty interests, in conversations with university administrators, committees of faculty governance, the University Senate, and department/program chairs; and 

(iii) In conjunction with administrative offices, to organize events for junior faculty so as to share information and experience concerning all aspects of life at Columbia.

Working with the Office of the Vice President of the Arts and Sciences, the Office of the Provost, the divisional Deans, the PPC, the Committee of Chairs, and other offices and committees within Columbia University, the JFAB has already been very active advocating for and promoting issues relating to all aspects of teaching, research, and life at Columbia.

This fall we submitted a proposal for mentoring, a proposal for topping off prestigious fellowships, and a proposal for the enhancement of junior faculty development to David Madigan, the Executive Vice President of Arts and Sciences. We continue to work for better support of childcare, subsidizing of  school tuition, housing, and for clarity in requirements for tenure.

For more information on resources aimed towards junior faculty, visit the Junior Faculty Resources page, under the Faculty Resources tab at the top of the page. 


Members of the committee serving as of July 2019

Mariam Aly
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Charly Coleman
Associate Professor of History

Thomas Dodman
Assistant Professor of French and Romance Philology

Meredith Gamer
Assistant Professor of Art History and Archaeology

Matthew Hart (Chair)
Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature

Nikhar Gaikwad
Assistant Professor of Political Science

Georgia Karagiorgi
Assistant Professor of Physics




Over the course of 2014, the Junior Faculty Advisory Board (JFAB) was established with support from the Executive Vice President for Arts and Sciences, David Madigan and Mary Boyce, Dean of The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science. In the short time from its establishment, the JFAB identified sets of issues junior faculty face at Columbia, such as faculty housing, mentoring, research support for fellowships among others. The JFAB was initially comprised of diligent volunteers, listed below, who worked tirelessly to advocate for junior faculty: 

Allison Busch, Associate Professor of Middle Eastern, South Asian and African Studies
Patricia Dailey, Chair of JFAB, Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature
Matthew Hart, Assistant Professor of English and Comparative Literature
Joseph Howley, Assistant Professor of Classics
Dustin Rubenstein, Associate Professor of Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology
Cristobal Silva, Assistant Professor of English and Comparative Literature


One of the important components of establishing a board to serve the junior faculty is the exercise of taking an active role in listening to the needs of junior faculty. Please email any member of JFAB with feedback, comments, suggestions and other points of information. Any correspondence will be treated as confidential and kept within JFAB unless you specify otherwise.