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Educational Policy and Planning Committee

The Educational Policy and Planning Committee (EPPC) coordinates educational policy across the schools that make up Arts & Sciences. Each semester, the EPPC sets its agenda in consultation with the Executive Committee of the Arts & Sciences, and summarizes the results of its deliberations to the Faculty of Arts & Sciences. The EPPC is advisory to the Executive Committee and also collaborates closely with the Policy and Planning Committee (PPC).

The EPPC has the following members: the EVPAS; the Dean of Columbia College and Vice President for Undergraduate Education; the Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and Vice President for Graduate Education; the Chair of the Committee on the Core (or his or her designee); the Chair of the Committee on the Global Core (or his or her designee); the Chair of the Committee on Science Instruction (or his or her designee); three faculty members appointed by PPC, including at least one member of PPC who acts as liaison between PPC and EPPC, and three additional members of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, one from each division, appointed by the Executive Committee. The EVPAS shall appoint the chair of EPPC. The Deans of the School of General Studies, the School of the Arts, and the School of Professional Studies will be ex officio members of EPPC. The EPPC will coordinate with the Chair of the Committee on Instruction of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences as appropriate. Three students members representing GSAS, CC and GS will be selected by the respective schools from a slate of candidates nominated by the respective student councils.

For more information, please see the Spring 2012 Founding Memo


Members of the Committee for 2019-2020

Educational Policy and Planning Committee (EPPC)

 Committee Chair:

      O'Flaherty, Dan, Professor of

Committee Members (in alphabetical order):

Alonso, Carlos, Vice President for Graduate Education, Dean of GSAS,
Professor of Latin American and Iberian Cultures

      Susan Bernofsky, Associate Professor of Writing in the Faculty of the

Cacciuto, Angelo, Associate Professor of Chemistry

Crawford, Julie, Mark Van Doren Professor of Humanities

Cuadrado, Alex, GSAS Student Representative

       Elmes, Susan, Andrew Barth Senior Lecturer in the Discipline of Economics
      Gharib, Karim, GS Student

Grieve, Patricia, Nancy and Jeffrey Marcus Professor of the Humanities, (Chair, Committee on Global Core)

Hungerford, Amy, Executive Vice President for A&S and Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Science

Morrison, Barclay, Vice Dean of Undergraduate Programs, SEAS, Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Nelson, Erik, Senior Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, School of Professional Studies, Lecturer in Professional Studies

      Pokorny Adler, Mickal, Columbia College Student
      Purdie-Greenaway, Valerie, Associate Professor of Psychology

Reichman, David, Chair, Department of Chemistry, Centennial Professor of Chemistry (Chair, Committee on Science Instruction)

Valentini, James, Vice President for Undergraduate Education, Dean of Columbia College, Professor of Chemistry

       Wingard, Jason, Dean of the School of Professional Studies, Professor of Professional Studies


PPC Attendance

Davidson, Jenny, Professor of English and Comparative Literature (Fall 2019)

      Putnam, Mary, Professor of Astronomy (Spring 2020)
      Vogt, Katja, Professor of Philosophy (Fall 2020)

Ex Officio

Hollibaugh, Lisa, Dean of Academic Affairs, Columbia College

Razaghian, Rose, Dean of Academic Planning and Governance

      Rosner, Victoria, Dean of Academic Affairs, School of General

       Ross, Catherine, Executive Director, Center for Teaching and Learning

Solomon, Andrea, Vice Dean and Dean of Academic Affairs, GSAS



Administrative Support

Meyer, Eric, Administrative Manager

      Lilien, Jessica, Director of Decanal Affairs, Division of