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Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Committee on Equity and Diversity


The Committee on Equity and Diversity (CED) in Arts and Sciences is the key faculty governance body to address the recommendations of the 2017/18 PPC Equity Studies and the 2018-2023 A&S Diversity Strategic Plan, providing concrete suggestions about the best methods and approaches to implement the recommendations.  We ask that the committee study and identify concrete next steps on issues around salary (including considering merit- and equity-based raises; incorporating service, research, and teaching, as well as student advising and mentoring on annual salary increases; addressing salary compression); harassment, discrimination and bullying (including developing definitions, considering professional/research misconduct, exploring information escrows); and faculty diversity (reinforcing inclusive department climates, studying tenure trajectories for URM faculty), among others.  We ask that the committee regularly oversee and evaluate climate, workload and satisfaction surveys and review climate, inclusion, and bystander training.  The CED will be an advisory group for the EVP/EC for the implementation of protocols and policies addressing key issues from the equity reports and acting on its recommendations, including review of salary equity, strategies to improve faculty diversity, implementation of exit interviews, and priorities for data collection and reporting, including the Faculty Information Form.  The committee makes recommendations to the EVP/EC and provides PPC with updates on their work, identifying the most pressing issues and significant challenges, four times per year (ideally twice in each fall and spring term).  

Read the CED Mission Statement here

Members of the Committee

Committee Chair:

Kaufman, Laura

Professor of Chemistry


Committee Members (in alphabetical order):

Natural Sciences

Johnston, Kathryn

Professor of Astronomy

Purdie-Greenaway, Valerie

Associate Professor of Psychology


Social Sciences

Guridy, Frank

Associate Professor of History

Khan, Shamus

Professor of Sociology

Piccato, Pablo

Professor of History



Hisama, Ellie

Professor of Music

Shalem, Avinoam

Professor of Art History

Williams, Gareth

Professor of Classics


Administrative Officers of the EVP for Arts and Sciences

Drange, Susan

Associate Dean, Faculty Development and Diversity

Barnes, Kristen

Assistant Director, Faculty Development and Diversity

Razaghian, Rose

Dean of Academic Planning and Governance