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Peter de Menocal
Dean of Science

Peter de Menocal  is the Thomas Alva Edison/Con Edison Professor in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences (DEES). He is a geological oceanographer who uses geochemical analyses of deep-sea sediments to understand how and why past climates have changed and how this has impacted human sustainability. He is the founding director of the Center for Climate and Life at Columbia’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, comprising more than 120 doctoral-level scientists working to understand climate change impacts on life’s essentials: our access to food, water, shelter, and energy.

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Science Initiative

Many of the world's greatest discoveries have been made in the natural sciences in the Arts and Sciences at Columbia University. 

Building on this distinguished history we have launched the Science Initative to renew the Columbia's leadership and guide the University to scientific pre-eminence over the next decade.

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Szabolcs Marka and 7 scientists and grad students in Physics among the recepients of a Breakthrough Prize honoring the discovery of gravitational waves.

Ruth DeFries in E3B has been named a University Professor.

Marcel Agueros in Astronomy awarded a Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists

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David Zielinski
Associate Dean of Science

David Zielinski is the associate dean of science for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. His responsibilities include aspects of faculty and postdoctoral affairs, research support, facilities development, and fundraising for the sciences. His work emphasizes research collaboration across departments and schools for the advancement of the Science Initiative and the Division of Science.

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The Washington Post

Andrew Gelman (STAT): New Algorithm Could Predict ISIS Attacks       

Scientific American
Adam Sobel (DEES): Disasters Debated

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Divisional Contacts

Fred Palm, Chief Administrative and Academic Affairs Officer

Phone:  +1 212 854 5922

Margaret Edsall, Associate Vice President for Academic Planning
Phone: +1 212 854 5922

Eric Meyer, Adminstrative Coordinator
Phone:  +1 212 854 8908