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Diversity is Key to the Success of Arts and Sciences

At this university, both in the classroom and in the research lab, we bring extraordinarily talented people together to create knowledge and to solve problems. Diversity is key to the success of this endeavor.
My life experiences both inside and outside the academy have taught me about the value of diversity writ-large; age, gender and ethnic diversity, as well as the value of diverse ideas and perspectives drawn from different socioeconomic and educational backgrounds, political views,  spiritual beliefs and personality styles.
In my own research group, progress occurs in fits and starts but almost always begins with “thinking otherwise” -- a new idea from an unexpected perspective that elicits "I would never have thought of that” from everyone else! This can’t happen when everyone comes from similar backgrounds or perspectives. As we strive together to advance knowledge and research within Arts and Sciences, the diversity of our faculty, administrators and student body is much more than a “nice-to-have” -- diversity is imperative for academic excellence.
David Madigan
Executive Vice President and Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Professor of Statistics

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