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Music & Letters, February 2017, Benjamin Steege (Music): Antipsychologism in Interwar Musical Thought: Two Ways of Hearing Debussy
History of Humanities, Fall 2017, Benjamin Steege (Music): Between Race and Culture: Hearing Japanese Music in Berlin
The Guardian, October 25, 2017, Andrew Nathan (Weatherhead): 'Extraordinary elevation': Trump kowtows to kingpin Xi   
WFIU Indiana Public Radio, October 14, 2017, Alondra Nelson (IRWGS): Alondra Nelson / Stardust and Moonbeams
The Hindu, November 3, 2017, Syed Akbar Zaidi (MESAAS): The Turnover Test in Pakistan
Columbia Daily Spectator, November 1, 2017, Erik Gray (English and Comp Lit): Erik Gray Isn't (Quite) a God
 Public Books, November 3, 2017, Shamus Khan (IRWGS): Unholy Alliances
The Chronicle of Higher Education, October 1, 2017, Roosevelt Montás (Center for American Studies): Democracy's Disappearance
El Pais, October 7, 2017, Antoine Marcel Compagnon (English and Comp Lit): Me pregunto si los escritores de hoy todavía leen
The Immanent Frame, October 18, 2017, Clémence Boulouque (Religion): A Thousand Worlds and This
The Immanent Frame, October 18, 2017, Courtney Bender (Religion): What We Did
South China Morning Post, October 18, 2017, Charles Armstrong (EALAC, Weatherhead): UN-led multilateral talks offer the best hope for peace in Korea
The Guardian, October 6, 2017, Simon Schama (Art History and Archaeology): Finding the light in the darkness of the Jewish story
Columbia News, October 9, 2017, Frances Negrón-Muntaner (English and Comparative Literature): Archive Documenting Puerto Rico’s Past Sheds Light on Its Present
Esprit, October 2017, Marianne Hirsch (English and Comp Lit): Ce qui touche a la mémoire
Time, September 26, 2017, Lien-Hang Nguyen (Weatherhead): 7 Things People Get Wrong About American History
The Guardian, September 29, 2017, Colm Tóibín (English and Comparative Literature): Catalonia is a region in the process of reimagining itself
Journal of Postcolonial Writing, August 31, 2017, Jennifer Wenzel (English and Comp Lit, MESAAS): Postcolonial resources, pedagogical resistance: An energy-driven interview with Professor Jennifer Wenzel
Univision, October 3, 2017, Frances Negrón-Muntaner (English and Comparative Literature): The Last Emperor
Pacific Standard, September 29, 2017, Frances Negrón-Muntaner (English and Comparative Literature): Puerto Rico Was Undergoing a Humanitarian Crisis Long Before Hurricane Maria
New York Review of Books, October 12, 2017, Andrew Nathan (Weatherhead): The Chinese World Order
New York Times, September 25, 2017, Christia Mercer (Philosophy): Descartes Is Not Our Father
The Drama Review, summer 2017, Ana Paulina Lee (LAIC): Memoryscapes of Race: Black Radical Parading Cultures of New Orleans
Washington Post, October 9, 2017, Seth Kimmel (LAIC): Columbus: Swashbuckling hero, bootstrapping immigrant or genocidal monster?
Public Seminar, September 28, 2017, Andreas Huyssen (Germanic Languages): Breitbart, Bannon, Trump, and the Frankfurt School: A strange meeting of minds
LA Review of Books blog, September 30, 2017, Marianne Hirsch (English and Comp Lit): We Can't turn Our Backs on "Stateless" Youth
New York Times, October 2, 2017, Alex Gil (English and Comp Lit): A Mapathon to Pinpoint Areas Hardest Hit in Puerto Rico
Ethnomusicology Forum, July 6, 2017, Alessandra Ciucci (Music): Performing 'L-'alwa: a sacred and erotic journey in Morocco
Medium, September 17, 2017, Rachel Adams (English and Comp Lit): Book + Worm: A Liberal Artist’s Adventures in STEM
Publisher's Weekly, September 13, 2017, Jeremy Dauber (Germanic Languages): Getting Serious About Jewish Comedy
The Atlantic, September 2017, Nicholas Dames (English and Comp Lit): Jane Austen Is Everything
TRT World, September, 2017, Debashree Mukherjee (MESAAS): The murder of Gauri Lankesh is a shot fired at outspoken women
The New York Times, August 25, 2017, Lien-Hang Nguyen (Weatherhead): North Vietnam Had an Antiwar Movement, Too
Que Pasa, June 2, 2017, Roosevelt Montás (Center for American Studies): El rescate del Humanismo
The Daily Beast, May 27, 2017, Colm Tóibín (English & Comp Lit): Colm Tóibín Knows You’re Secretly Weak
The New York Times, May 20, 2017, Robert Thurman (Religion): 50 years of Marriage and Mildfulness with Nena and Robert Thurman
The New York Times, May 13, 2017, Elizabeth Alexander (English & Comp Lit): Sheryl Sandberg and Elizabeth Alexander on Love, Loss and What Comes Next
Columbia News, May 10, 2017,Rachel Adams (English & Comp Lit) and Victoria Rosner (English & Comp Lit): Philanthropy Students Learn the Power of Giving
The Conversation, May 2, 2017, Todd Gitlin (Center for American Studies): What was the protest group Students for a Democratic Society?
The Guardian, April 30, 2017, Victoria de Grazia (IRWGS): Many call Trump a fascist. 100 days in, is he just a reactionary Republican?
Al Jazeera, April 25, 2017, Hamid Dabashi (MESAAS): Reza Aslan believes in everything - just a little bit
CNN, April 23, 2017, Rebecca Kobrin (Institute for Israel and Jewish Studies): How will the White House remember the Holocaust?
Slate, Lexicon Valley podcast.  April 18, 2017 John McWhorter (English and Comparative Literature): The Euphemism Treadmill
Dissent Magazine, April 18, 2017, Turkuler Isiksel (CSSD):  Did Turkey's Democracy Devour Itself?
The Guardian, April 6, 2017, Rebecca Jordan-Young (IRWGS): We’ve been labelled ‘anti-sex difference’ for demanding greater scientific rigour
Columbia News, April 5, 2017, Andrew J. Nathan (WEAI): "5 Questions" on Xi Jinping's recent visit
Inside Higher Ed, April 3, 2017, Casey Blake (Center for American Studies): Democratizing the Great Books
PN Review, April 2017, Karen Van Dyck (Classics): What's Found in Translation
The Atlantic, April 2017, Nicholas Dames (English and Comparative Literature): The Stubborn Optimist
Thesis Eleven, April 2017, Partha Chatterjee (MESAAS): Empires, nations, peoples: The imperial prerogative and colonial exceptions
Hidden Forces Podcast, Mark Taylor (Religion): Postmodernism – Art, Finance, Technology and the Individual 
Genome Magazine, March 30, 2017, Alondra Nelson (IRWGS): Q&A with Alondra Nelson
The Washington Post, March 23, Colm Tóibín (English and Comparative Literature): A somewhat extraordinary hour of high school on an otherwise ordinary day
The New York Times, March 23,2017, Ioannis Mylonopoulos (Art History and Archaeology): A World of Emotions
The Irish Times, March 22,2017, Hidetaka Hirota (Society of Fellows, 2013-16): The Irish were the first targets of deportation policy in the US
WNYC, March 22, 2017, Valerie Paley (Center for American Studies): Giving Voice to the History of American Women
The Hill, March 15, 2017, Seth Kimmel (Latin American and Iberian Cultures): Exceptionalism by Any Other Name
Truthout, March 9, 2017, Marianne Hirsch (English and Comparative Literature): Three Lessons About Autocracy I Learned as a Child in Communist Romania
Tell Me Something I Didn't Know podcast, Josef Sorett, (Religion): Tell Me Something I Don't Know
The New York Times, February 27, 2017, John McWhorter (English and Comparative Literature): Patience Is a (Sexual) Virtue
Inside Higher Ed, February 16, 2016, Robert Barnett (Weatherhead East Asian Institute): Chinese Students vs. Dalai Lama
The New York Times, Feburary 14, 2017, Lien-Hang Nguyen (Weatherhead East Asian Institute): Who Called the Shots in Hanoi?
Al Jazeera, Feburary 10, 2017, Hamid Dabashi (MESAAAS): Trump's desperate search for a 'Reichstag Fire'
Theory, Culture & Society, February 7, 2017, Elizabeth Povinelli (IRWGS): Geontopower, Biopolitics and the Anthropocene 
Thinksoup Podcast, Stathis Gourgouris (English and Comparative Literature): Democracy, Politics, and Education
American Public Television, The Whole Truth with David Eisenhower, January 27, 2017, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak (English and Comp Lit): Feminism at Home and Around the World, in the Age of Trump
New Yorker, February 1, 2017, Bernard E. Harcourt (Institute for Comparative Literature and Society): A Syrian Doctor with a Visa is Suing the Trump Administration

CBS News, January 28, 2017, Matthew Hart (English and Comparative Literature): A look at what's driving the revival of George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four

Al Jazeera, January 21, 2017, Hamid Dabashi (MESAAS): Lady and the Trump

New York Review of Books, January 31, 2017, Grant Wythoff (English and Comp Lit): The Making of Future Man

The Guardian, January 10, 2017, Karen Van Dyck (Classics): Translation Tuesday: The War is Coming by Jazra Khaleed

The Daily Gazette, December 25, 2016, Georg Friedrich Haas (Music): Best of 2016: Classical music

The San Francisco Chronicle, December 24, 2016, Georg Friedrich Haas (Music): Top 10 classical music events of 2016

The Conversation, December 20, 2016: Frances Negrón-Muntaner (English and Comparative Literature): Are Brazilians Latinos? What their identity struggle tells us about race in America

The New York Times, July 13, 2016, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak (English): When Law Is Not Justice

Los Angeles Review of Books, July 29, 2016, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak (English): Critical Intimacy: An Interview with Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak

Columbia News, June 7, 2016, Frances Negrón-Muntaner (English) : Latinos Left Behind by Media Mergers, Finds Study Led by Frances Negrón-Muntaner

The New York Times, August 30, 2016, Frances Negrón-Muntaner (English) : Jailing Old Folks Makes No Sense

The Guardian, August 17, 2016, Christia Mercer (Philosophy) : Never mind a second chance. Our incarcerated women need a first one

CBS News, July 9, 2016, Christia Mercer (Philosophy) : Why NY is expanding top tier higher education in prisons

Time Magazine, August 17, 2016, John McWhorter (English): Ellen DeGeneres Is Not Racist

Time Magazine, July 14, 2016, John McWhorter (English): Police Kill Too Many People—White and Black

CNN, August 23, 2016, John McWhorter (English): Is 'colored people' a slur?

CNN, July 12, 2016, John McWhorter (English): How Giuliani misreads Black Lives Matter

Chronicle of Higher Education, July 24, 2016, John McWhorter (English): The False Promise of a ‘Conversation’ About Race

The New York Times Sunday Book Review, June 1, 2016, Sharon Marcus (English): ‘This Too Shall Pass,’ by Milena Busquets

China Daily, June 21, 2016, Lydia Liu (EALAC): 'Pixel analysis': Pushing the boundary of visual art

TruthOut, July 7, 2016, Ana Paulina Lee (LAIC): The Perils of National Amnesia

Tikkun Daily, June 28, 2016, Eleanor Johnson (English): The False Consciousness of Stewardship

Pacific Standard, June 22, 2016, Eleanor Johnson (English): Zika and the Bubonic Plague: A Lesson From the Middle Ages

Atlantic, July 27, 2016, The Institute for Research on Women, Gender, and Sexuality: The Invisible Labor of Women’s Studies

Huffington Post, July 1, 2016, Zainab Bahrani (Art History): It’s Time To End The Boycott Of Iraqi And Syrian Academics

The Conversation, August 29, 2016, Rachel Adams (English): Why has Japan’s massacre of disabled gone unnoticed? For answers, look to the past

Los Angeles Review of Books, July 15, 2016, Rachel Adams (English): Blogging Illness

Public Books, June 15, 2016, Rachel Adams (English): Disability Narratives

NPR's All Things Considered, June 24, 2016, Simon Schama (Art History): Historian Simon Schama Describes Brexit Vote As 'Turning Point' For Britain

Ms. Magazine, September 16, 2016, Christia Mercer (Philosophy): Gender, Class and Incarceration

Australian Financial Review, September 18, 2016, Gerald Curtis (Weatherhead Institute) : Weak opposition makes Japan look like a one-party system

The Hindu, June 14, 2016, Akeel Bilgrami (Philosophy): Nehru’s secularism was non-European: Bilgrami

The Hindu, June 14, 2016, Muhsin al-Musawi (MESAAS): Nehru’s secularism was non-European: Bilgrami

Gulf News, August 10, 2016, Muhsin al-Musawi (MESAAS): The enduring lure of The Arabian Nights

African American Intellectual History Society (AAIHS), September 1, 2016, Josef Sorett (Religion) : Spirit in the Dark: A New Book on the Religious History of Racial Aesthetics

Los Angeles Review of Book's Marginalia, September 20, 2016, Josef Sorett (Religion) : First Impressions #91: Josef Sorett on A Religious History of Racial Aesthetics

Blogs SSRC, September 22, 2016, Josef Sorett (Religion) : #BlackLivesMatter and the heterodox history of Afro-Protestantism

Habla Y Vota, August 3, 2016, Frances Negrón-Muntaner (English) : “Por primera vez Latinos means not only a big number but power” The habla series returns.

80grados, September 16, 2016, Frances Negrón-Muntaner (English) : ¿Por qué Cuba es sexy—y Puerto Rico no?

Pacific Standard, September 9, 2016, Frances Negrón-Muntaner (English) : Why Do Americans Find Cuba Sexy — but Not Puerto Rico?

Lexicon Valley, Slate podcast, September 6, 2016, John McWhorter (English): Hickory Dickory Dock: The Invisible Language of Nursery Rhymes

Time Magazine, September 12, 2016, John McWhorter (English): ‘Racist’ Technology Is a Bug—Not a Crime

Time Magazine, September 16, 2016, John McWhorter (English): Don’t Rage Over Dreadlocks While African Americans Are Dying in the Streets

Time Magazine, September 22, 2016, John McWhorter (English): Colin Kaepernick Had No Choice but to Kneel

Los Angeles Times, September 23, 2016, Kellie Jones (Art History): What this MacArthur winner, an expert in African American art history, plans to do with her grant

Huffington Post, September 23, 2016, Kellie Jones (Art History): When Kellie Jones Wanted To Study Black Art History, The Field Didn’t Exist. So She Created It Herself.

Vox, September 28, 2016, Kellie Jones (Art History): MacArthur fellow Kellie Jones is curating black artists’ rightful place in art history

Columbia Specator, September 29, 2016, Kellie Jones (Art History): Columbia professor, alumna win MacArthur "genius" grants

Pacific Standard, September 23, 2016, Eleanor Johnson (English): Zika Reminds Us That Climate Change Is a Women’s Rights Issue

Pacific Standard, September 23, 2016, Eleanor Johnson (English): Zika Reminds Us That Climate Change Is a Women’s Rights Issue

Los Angeles Review of Books, September 25, 2016, Madeleine Dobie (French): “The Battle of Algiers” at 50: From 1960s Radicalism to the Classrooms of West Point

Los Angeles Review of Books, September 1, 2016, Jenny Davidson (English): Novels in Third Places: The Case for More Classrooms in Our Literature

Aeon, August 22, 2016, Jenny Davidson (English): Simplicity or style: what makes a sentence a masterpiece?

Public Books, August 15, 2016, Jenny Davidson (English): Analytic Rage: The Genius of Jenny Diski

Al Jazeera, September 20, 2016, Hamid Dabashi (MESAAS): The garden of Americanly delights

Public Books, October 31, 2016, Dorothea von Mücke (Germanic Languages) : The Sandman at 200

Public Books, November 1, 2016, Farah Jasmine Griffin (English) : On Black Girlhood

Public Books, October 15, 2016, Laura Ciolkowski (IRWGS): Rape Culture Syllabus

Irish Times, October 13, 2016, Colm Tóibín (English): Bob Dylan's Nobel Prize divides Irish writers and literary critics

The Hill, October 13, 2016, Joseph Slaughter (English): In denouncing Trump's misogyny, Republicans show their sexism

Columbia College, December 22, 2016, Frances Negrón-Muntaner (English): Through A Different Lens

O Globo, October 19, 2016, Frances Negrón-Muntaner (English): Voto dos latinos tem papel decisivo na eleição presidencial dos EUA

CBS, October 16, 2016, Frances Negrón-Muntaner (English): Hispanics and the vote

CNN, October 20, 2016, John McWhorter (English): The trouble with Trump's word choices

TED talk, February 2016, John McWhorter (English): 4 reasons to learn a new language

New York Magazine, October 24, 2016, Kellie Jones (Art History): How to Work in the Art World Without Selling Out Your Politics

Hyper Allergic, October 18, 2016, Kellie Jones (Art History): “Art Does Change Things”: A Conversation with Curator and Art Historian Kellie Jones

NBC News NY, October 21, 2016, Rachel Adams (English) and Laura Ciolkowski (IRWGS): Abortion Becomes Final Debate Flashpoint With 'Late-Term' Question

Al Jazeera, October 14, 2016, Hamid Dabashi (MESAAS): The times of Bob Dylan: They are a-changin'

Al Jazeera, October 10, 2016, Hamid Dabashi (MESAAS): Hurricane Hillary, Tornado Trump

Columbia Giving Day, October 17, 2016, Rachel Adams (English) : Rachel Adams, Director: Changing lives through Women Creating Change

Sangbad Pratidin, August 7, 2016, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak (English) : Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak wrote a memorial piece on Mahasweta Devi in Sangbad Pratidin

Scroll, July 31, 2016, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak (English) : Two personal tributes to Mahasweta Devi, and her response (though she never heard them)

The Indian Express, July 30, 2016, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak (English) : Mahasweta Devi: The Life Immortal

El Norte de Castilla, November 19, 2016, Jesús R. Velasco (LAIC): Carta a mi Hijo

Indian Country, November 16, 2016, Frances Negrón-Muntaner (English): Art of Douglas Miles Exhibit at Columbia University NYC Starts November 17

FranceTV, November 28, 2016, Frances Negrón-Muntaner (English): L'amérique en campagne J- 11 : Donald Trump court derrière les minorités

Boston Globe, November 13, 2016, John H. McWhorter (English) : The idea that America ‘doesn’t talk about’ racism is absurd

Slate's Lexicon Valley podcast, November 1, 2016, John H. McWhorter (English) : Whither Didst Thou Go?

Financial Times, November 6, 2016, Mark Mazower (Heyman Center) : Ideas that fed the beast of fascism flourish today

The New York Times, October 3, 2016, Adam Kirsch (Institute for Israel and Jewish Studies) : Elena Ferrante and the Power of Appropriation

The New Republic, October 31, 2016, Mamadou Diouf (MESAAS): Obama’s Disappointing Legacy in Africa

The Nation, November 16, 2016, Nicholas Dames (English): Criticism in the Twilight

Public Books, October 15, 2016, Nicholas Dames (English): The Email Master

Al Jazeera, November 10, 2016, Hamid Dabashi (MESAAS): I refuse to accept the US election results

Al Jazeera, November 4, 2016, Hamid Dabashi (MESAAS): Why I will not vote in this US presidential election

Al Jazeera, October 26, 2016, Hamid Dabashi (MESAAS): The future of democracy in the Muslim world

Nikkei Asian Review, November 8, 2016, Gerald L. Curtis (WEAI) : Trump couldn't change Asian policy even if elected, Columbia professor says

NY Times, November 23, 2016, Simon Schama (Art History) : Simon Schama's book in New York Times's 100 Notable Books of 2016

NY Times, November 23, 2016, Simon Schama (Art History) : Simon Schama's book in New York Times's 100 Notable Books of 2016

Chronicle of Higher Education, November 27, 2016, Bruce Robbins (English): What's Wrong With Literary Studies?

Huffington Post, November 5, 2016, Frances Negrón-Muntaner (English): The Whole Enchilada

WNYC's On the Media, December 2, 2016, John H. McWhorter (English) : Left Language, Right Language

Time Magazine, November 29, 2016, John H. McWhorter (English) : The Difference Between Racial Bias and White Supremacy

Panthéon Sorbonne Magazine 19, October-December 2016, Holger A. Klein (Art History): Holger A. Klein was interviewed in Panthéon Sorbonne Magazine

MIT Press Journals, Summer 2015, Alexander Alberro (ART HIST): Media, Art, and Politics in the Work of Roberto Jacoby

Harvard University Press, October 2015, Hamid Dabashi (MESAAS): Persophilia: Persian Culture on the Global Scene

Ohio State Press, Fall 2015, Eileen Gilooly (HEYMAN CNTR): Contemporary Dickens

Eidolon, June 8, 2015, Dan-el Padilla Peralta (SOCIETY OF FELLOWS): From Damocles to Socrates The Classics in/of Hip-Hop

Asymptote, July 2015, Karen Van Dyck (CLASSICS) : Translation of 9/11 or Falling Man, by Yiannis Efthymiades

Reuters, June 11, 2015, Rachel Adams (ENG) : What Google can learn from the wheelchair

Inside Higher Education, June 1, 2015, Rachel Adams (ENG): Depressing Realities

SF Gate, August 27, 2015, Rachel Adams (ENG): ‘NeuroTribes,’ by Steve Silberman

Gulf News, July 8, 2015, Muhsin Al-Musawi (MESAAS): Theories on medieval Islamic Cultures Debunked

Columbia Magazine, Spring 2015, Dede Gardner (CC, ENG); Dan Futterman (CC, ENG); Brad Gooch (GSAS, ENG); Kelly Link (CC, ENG): Alumni featured in the Spring Issue of Columbia Magazine

Los Angeles Review of Books, May 26, 2015, Stathis Gourgouris (CLASS): Obrad Savić interviews Stathis Gourgouris: Dream Nation and the Phantasm of Europe, Part I

Los Angeles Review of Books, May 27, 2015, Stathis Gourgouris (CLASS): Obrad Savić interviews Stathis Gourgouris: “Poetics and the Political World” Part II

The Hill, July 4, 2015, Patricia Grieve (ENG) : It’s time for the ERA to be ratified

Chronicle of Philanthropy, May 13, 2015, Heyman Center's Justice-in-Education Initiative : Grants Roundup: Jacobs Foundation Commits $52 Million to Education and to Women in Ivory Coast

Inside Philanthropy, May 11, 2015, Heyman Center's Justice-in-Education Initiative: Course Correction: College Behind Bars Gets a Big Boost

Philanthropy New York, May 7, 2015, Heyman Center's Justice-in-Education Initiative: Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Funds New Justice in Education Initiative

Architect's Newspaper, October 5, 2015, Sharon Marcus (ENG); Laura Kurgan (GSAAP) : Columbia University Receives Grant to start Center for Spatial Research

O Globo, July 14, 2015, Sharon Marcus (ENG): Sharon Marcus, escritora: 'A sexualidade é sempre reprimida'

Vitae, September 11, 2015, Sharon Marcus (ENG): Scenes From the Life of a Graduate Adviser

New York Times, Room for Debate, August 4, 2015, John McWhorter (ENG) : Borrowing From Other Cultures Is Human Nature

Politico, June 21, 2015, John McWhorter (ENG) : Black and white in America: In the post-Charleston United States, the case of Rachel Dolezal acquires a new piquancy.

Wall Street Journal, July 17, 2015, John McWhorter (ENG) : How Dare You Say That! The Evolution of Profanity

Daily Beast, July 27, 2015, John McWhorter (ENG): Antiracism, Our Flawed New Religion

Washington Post, June 18, 2015, Christia Mercer (PHIL) : The Lessons of Juneteenth Still Matter 150 Years Later

Washington Post, September 13, 2015, Christia Mercer (PHIL): Columbia University divesting from private prison companies. Why other schools should too

USA Today, September 3, 2015, Emma Miller (ENG): Universities work to balance spending, 'hoarding' large endowments

USA Today, September 15, 2015, Emma Miller (ENG): Pew survey: Millennials are crazy critical of Millennial generation

Huffington Post, June 6, 2015, Frances Negrón-Muntaner (ENG): End the War in Guam

Los Angeles Time, May 28, 2015, Dan-el Padilla Peralta's (Society of Fellows): Sports, bios, history and more: 27 nonfiction books to check out this summer

WNYC, July 28, 2015, Dan-el Padilla Peralta's (Society of Fellows): Undocumented to Princeton

Pacific Standard, July 24, 2015, Joseph Slaughter (ENG) : The Consequences of Psychology’s Shameful Collusion in Torture

El Norte de Castilla, June 27, 2015, Jesús R. Velasco (LAIC) : Fin de semestre

Columbia News, July 8, 2015, Christopher Washburne (MUSIC): Music Propels Chris Washburne from Ohio Farm to Career as Jazz Teacher, Bandleader

Washington Post, September 22, 2015, Rachel Adams (ENG): The Muppets give my son with Down syndrome comfort and a sense of belonging

Inside Higher Education, October 2, 2015, Rachel Adams (ENG): An IDEA Colleges Should Appreciate

Soundcheck WNYC, September 24, 2015, Chris Baio (SLAVIC): Baio: A Vampire Goes Dancing

National Endowment for the Humanities, Fall 2015, Rita Charon's (NARRATIVE MEDICINE) : Patient Health Through Narrative Medicine

ZED Books, April 30, 2015, Hamid Dabashi (MESAAS) : Can Non-Europeans Think?

Public Books, September 1, 2015, Nicholas Dames (ENG) : Franzen Makes Nice

New York City Council on the Second Chance Pell Grants for Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Individuals., September 22, 2015, Eileen Gillooly (Heyman Center); Geraldine Downey (Center for Justice) : Resolution in support of President Barack Obama's Second Chance Pell Pilot Program, which will initiate new models to allow incarcerated individuals to receive Pell Grants to finance their education

Journal of Asian Studies, August 2015, Carol Gluck (EALAC) and Charles K. Armstrong (HIST): The Seventieth Anniversary of World War II's End in Asia: Three Perspectives

Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad (DDRA) Fellowships , Fall 2015, Vivek Gupta and Shiv Subramaniam (MESAAS) : Vivek Gupta and Shiv Subramaniam received Fulbright fellowships

The Columbia University Press , Fall 2015, Wael B. Hallaq (MESAAS): Wael B. Hallaq received Columbia University Press Distinguished Book Award

University of Wisconsin Press, Fall 2015, Andreas Huyssen (GERM): "Memory Culture and Human Rights: A New Constellation," in Historical Justice and Memory

Columbia News, September 14, 2015, The Center for Justice and Heyman Center's Justice-in-Education Initiative: Justice-in-Education Initiative Transforms the Lives of Current, Former Prisoners

Oxford University Press, August 27, 2015, Mana Kia (MESAAS) : "Moral Refinement and Manhood in Persian," in Civilizing Emotions: Concepts in Nineteenth Century Asia and Europe

Music Perception: An Interdisciplinary Journal, September 2015, Fred Lerdahl (MUSIC): Concepts and Representations of Musical Hierarchies

Computer Music Journal, Fall 2015, George Lewis (MUSIC) : A Subsumption Agent for Collaborative Free Improvisation

Columbia Spectator, October 4, 2015, Li Feng (EALAC): Tang Center for Early China hopes to advance understanding of contemporary China

Columbia News, August 24, 2015,  Christia Mercer (PHIL):Philosophy Professor Teaches Core Classics at Women’s Prison

USA Today, September 22, 2015, Emma Miller (ENG): Columbia University unveils plan to feed students who can't afford to eat

Columbia University Press, June 2015, Dorothea von Mücke (GERM LANGS) :  The Practices of the Enlightenment: Aesthetics, Authorship, and the Public

Ziptopia, October, 2015, Gregory Pflugfelder's (EALAC): The 8 Coolest College Classes in the U.S.

American Academy in Rome, Fall 2015, Avinoam Shalem (ART HIST): Avinoam Shalem to hold residency at American Academy in Rome

The New York Times, October 7, 2015, James Shapiro (ENG) : Shakespeare in Modern English?

Columbia News, October 5, 2015, James Shapiro (ENG) : 5 Questions: Shakespeare Scholar James Shapiro Discusses 'The Year of Lear'

Lecture at the American University in Cairo, October 31, 2015, Lila Abu-Lughod (IRWGS): Lila Abu-Lughod delivered the Edward Said Memorial Lecture

Foreign Policy, October 23, 2015, Robert Barnett (Weatherhead Institute): Has Britain Sold Out to Beijing? Pandering for Chinese trade and investment may cause trouble down the line, say experts.

Columbia Music, June 21, 2015, The Computer Music Center, directed by Brad Garton (MUSIC) : Computer Music Center hosted workshops in Japan

Heyman Center, 2015-2016, Marcus Folch (CLASS), Maja Horn (LAIC), Jean Howard (English), and Gauri Viswanathan (ENG).: Humanities Faculty Awarded Heyman Center Fellowships

The Guardian, October 30, 2015, Georg Friedrich Haas (MUSIC): Georg Friedrich Haas: ‘We live between contrasts'

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W.W. Norton & Company, Inc., July 2015, Jean Howard (ENG): Jean Howard co-edited third edition of  The Norton Shakespeare

The Wenner-Gren Foundation, Fall 2015, Sohaib Khan (PhD MESAAS): Sohaib Khan received Wenner-Gren Dissertation Fieldwork Grant

Music Theory Online, September 2015, Mariusz Kozak (MUSIC) : Listeners’ Bodies in Music Analysis: Gestures, Motor Intentionality, and Models

The MIT Press, October 2015, Fred Lerdahl (MUSIC) : "Structure and Ambiguity in a Schumann Song" in "Structures in the Mind: Essays on Language, Music, and Cognition in Honor of Ray Jackendoff"

Museum of Contemporary Art, October 2015, George Lewis (MUSIC): George Lewis's opera premiered at the Museum of Contemporary Art

Columbia Spectator, November 4, 2015, Sharon Marcus (ENG): Humanities Initiative goes global to attract donors

Time Magazine, October 12, 2015, John McWhorter (ENG): Why ‘Redskins’ Is a Bad Word

Centro Nacional de Investigación, Documentación e Información Musical, September 24, 2015, Ana Maria Ochoa (MUSIC) : Ana Maria Ochoa gave the Cátedra Jesús C. Romero lecture in Mexico City

Columbia University Press, October 2015, George Rupp (REL) : Beyond Individualism: The Challenge of Inclusive Communities

Hallie Memorial Lecture at Wesleyan University , October 14, 2015, Joseph Slaughter (ENG) : Hijacking Human Rights: History in the Passive Voice.

The New Yorker, October 8, 2015, Alisa Solomon (Center for the Study of Social Difference) : Tradition! The Indestructible “Fiddler on the Roof”

Hawthornden Prize, August 4, 2015, Colm Tóibín (ENG): Colm Tóibín received Hawthornden Prize

Huffington Post, November 12, 2015, Colm Tóibín (ENG): Colm Tóibín: On Giacometti

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