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Comprising the departments of Anthropology, Economics, History, Political Science, and Sociology, and nearly thirty research institutes and centers, the Division of Social Science is steeped in a tradition of intellectual distinction and is today renowned for innovative social inquiry. Faculty study diverse, complex questions about human experience and the world, and engage in teaching and research that explores important issues of the past and present in local and global contexts.



Columbia University has a rich tradition of path-breaking social inquiry.

The Social Science Initiative will ensure the future of this legacy by bolstering divisional strengths in analytic and interpretive research and teaching, addressing grand challenges, and advancing new areas of scholarly distinction.



APRIL 3 — Emi Nakamura and Jón Steinsson (Economics) wrote a paper on "The Elusive Costs of Inflation: Price Dispersion during the U.S. Great Inflation" that was featured in the Wall Street Journal.

APRIL 3 — Casey Blake (History) co-authored a piece on democratizing the Great Books in Insider Higher Ed.

MARCH 29 — Saskia Sassen (Sociology) wrote about Jane Jacobs in The Times Literary Supplement.



Ira Katznelson (Political Science) was selected as one of the Russell Sage Foundation's Margaret Olivia Sage Scholars.

Elton Daniel was appointed Interim Director of the Center for Iranian Studies and Editor-in-Chief of the Encyclopædia Iranica.

Columbia and the Center for Women’s History at the New-York Historical Society launched the first part of Alice Kessler-Harris's (History) MOOC, Women Have Always Worked: The U.S. Experience 1700 – 1920.



Alondra Nelson
Dean of Social Science

Alondra Nelson is a professor of sociology and gender studies and was formerly director of the Institute for Research on Women, Gender, and Sexuality. Prior to joining the Columbia faculty in 2009, she was on the faculty of Yale University and received its Poorvu Award for teaching excellence.

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